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08/30/2009 -- Inventory Manager Light V2.0.7 package (IML_Pack) released in download section. Fixed rating for MulePermer and Inventory Manager Light.
10/04/2008 -- Inventory Manager Light V2.0.5 package released in download section. Note: ItemLogger does not work with Diablo II LOD V1.12 it's was made for V1.11 I did some screw up when I implant memory reading therefore the Pixel reading option does not work.
07/12/2007 -- MulePermer 4.0 beta 4. I think I found bug that was skiping mules that was not permed. I am only 80% sure that I found the right bug. I hope there will be no more bugs.
07/11/2007 -- Improved MulePermer 4.0. Bot will recheck account one more time to make sure that all mules was permed. (Should reduce any possible odd errors that might fool bot that character was permed)
07/11/2007 -- Fixed bug in MulePermer 4.0
07/10/2007 -- Fixed bug in ItemLogger that I accidentally recreated. Made new MulePermer 4.0 that was based on MM.BOT and ItemLogger. Added D2Lang.dll for download.
06/25/2007 -- Finished site redesign. Download section is up and running. ItemLogger is done except XML output therefore it will be in Alfa stage. I fixed minor bug for people who don't have English version.
06/18/2007 -- Site is UnderConstraction. Itemlogger nearly done except for xml output. You can use alfa version it's stable. Some link will be back after I finish site upgrade.
06/03/2007 -- ItemLogger 3.00 Alfa released. Visit official forum for download
09/10/2006 -- ItemLogger 2.02 Beta released. I fixed minor bug on weapon switching. Now bot logs crafted items.
08/14/2006 -- Some how I forgot to include ItemLogger.ini that was updated for version 2.00. I fixed minor bug when data.js was generated. ItemLogger 2.01 Beta released
08/09/2006 -- ItemLogger 2.00 Beta released. Now you can log items off character or mercenary.
07/30/2006 -- Forum link fixed.
07/09/2006 -- Improve and fixed some bugs in ItemLogger. Due very limited time I can not upgrade it to next level. ItemLogger 1.03 released. If you find any errors bugs e-mail me.
07/01/2006 -- I was searching fake/empty mpq files on internet but didn't find working links. I accidentally found one in german forum/site and convert it to english version of game.
I got an report that ItemLogger have a major bug. I did some tests and currently working on fixing it.)
05/20/2006 -- Improved ItemLogger 1.02 Beta released. Added option to log txt files. I hope that I fixed issue of double logging chars.
05/16/2006 -- ItemLogger have some issues:
NOTE: I am busy at work (Working 12 hours a day as mandatory overtime) I found that bot some times just closes by itself for unknown reason. The other problem is if there was some disconnections it will grab same chars 2 time. (If you have 6 chars and bot stuck on 3rd it will log chars 1-3 then repeat same chars 1-3 and never check 4-6) I am trying to back trace the problem but due time limit it may take a while.
05/15/2006 -- ItemLogger 1.01 Beta and UpdateIL released. Fixed some bugs and added better way of logging items. It's slower but more accurate.
05/13/2006 -- Added sample output file that was generated by ItemLogger 1.0 beta.
05/10/2006 -- Released ItemLogger bot. This bot will log your characters items in txt and html format. Note: ItemLogger based on mm.bot.
03/23/2006 -- Added Free Rauk Bot Update to 0.05a (Maybe it's b I do not know)
03/23/2006 -- Added Free Rauk Bot 0.05. (MM dislike that he charged people therefore I fixed the exe's enjoy}
01/19/2006 -- I got section at forums.d2trade.pl for support, questions about my bots.
01/15/2006 -- Fixed/Updated site.
01/14/2006 -- Added item colour mode with tutorial and files as well other modifications.
01/02/2006 -- Anti-Minimize is a script that simply maximize Diablo 2 window when you click window key or click outside of Diablo 2 window.
12/26/2005 -- MuleResetter V1.02 released
12/6/2005 -- If you running MuleSetup3B.exe to adjust colors please make sure you have first character NOT PERMED (shows the expiration day) so bot can select correct colour. I did write that before but some how it did not save in the readme.txt file.
11/6/2005 -- Added old bot MuleResetter. This bot will reset 10 day expiration. Hopefully fixed problem with looping on error. Bot is untested due it's not popular at all.
Note: Always check your accounts bot might skip character(s).
11/1/2005 -- Improved auto selection of characters in full screen. This should be final release and bug free. Feel free to submit comments and ideas.
Note: Do not turn on TLog in fullscreen mode it will generate millions of images due that colors always changes.
11/28/2005 -- Fixed minor bug on error resetting. Improved auto selection of characters to perm. Added function to take screen shot if TLog enabled. Note: If you run bot in full screen it's might not detect all characters.
11/26/2005 -- Found and fixed bug in the bot. Updated link for forum. There is minor bug if your characters have some red weapon/armor bot might think that char should be permed.
11/23/2005 -- Added guestbook. Fixed minor error that occurred in windowed mode. Use end button to quit bot.
11/22/2005 -- New MulePermer V3.0 Beta released. Improved site with anti-leach detection if you have problem with downloading let me know.
10/23/2005 -- Moved to new site. Found bug in MulePermer v2.02 (If got error Diablo will loop. "Constantly close and start game over and over") I will fix it once I get free time. MulePermer works with Diablo II v1.11
11/26/2004 -- MulePermer V2.02 Beta released. You can run MulePermer in full screen mode. Easy setup.
09/24/2004 -- MulePermer V2.01 Beta released
09/03/2004 -- New MulePermer V2.0 Beta released
05/31/2004 -- First release of my bot.

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